Thursday, July 10, 2008

Its not the money.

Me and muthu were doing our usual samosa outing on a weekday evening to fight out the boredom that had been creeping up on us throughout the day.. After a very lazy samosa session, we noticed a very old lady who could hardly stand, begging for alms at the pedestrians. Muthu, being the good hearted man that he is, decided to give a couple of rupees to her. I was in one of the rare generous moods that i too gave a couple of bucks to her.. When i first gave her the money, the expression on her face (of that of surprise and thankfulness) was something which put me in top of the world for that very moment and make me feel inexplicably great . I could not help smiling back at her and acknowledge her surprise. When muthu chipped in with his couple of rupees, it was her turn to go to the top of the world.
After washing out our hands, we turned our attention back to the beggar to see what she was doing. It was business as usual for her. The surprise and the smile was wiped out of her face and the poverty and pain was pasted back on her face, hoping to get the sympathy and a couple of rupees from the passers by.

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