Sunday, July 02, 2006

I could not find out anything good to write about in my blog. All that i could think of right now were mostly dull or boring or either too technical. Considering that i am tied up with technical stuff for the better part of my day, doesnt make much excitement for me to take time off from my technical work and to write about.. duh.. technical work..

So. here i am, a bleak sunday evenining, nothing much better to do rather than to sit back and relax and blog about a theory on God, heaven and the whole stuff that hit me one fine sunday morning while i was snoozing in my hostel. Here it goes...

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It was necessity that drove man to discovering and inventing new things. This was supposed to make life easier and do things more effeciently and fastly. Initially, there were simple things such as hammers, axes, knives etc.. As development went on, more and more inventions came in and finally very simple machines like this, made way to complex machines. These complex machines required some input, processed data and gave output.

This can be applied to any of the present modern day machines. Our vehicles have petrol/diesel as input and give out motion as output.
Other machines can have electricity as input for processing data and give out processed data as output.
Now, all these machines have a factor called effeciency. Some machines are much more effecient than others.. Some cars give a better mileage.. some computers consume lesser power but give more performance..

Now, lets shift the scenario to a level higher.. Lets consider the "Association of Gods". The basic assumption over here is that there is no single God.. Each religion is a separate "department". Each department controls certain aspects of the overall "Association of Gods" . Now, there can be many guesses about the functionality and purpose of such an association. I can think of numerous reasons.. But to give it the most simplest business purpose, let us assume that the association of Gods is to oversee the running of the earth and also survival of their (i mean the people in heaven and hell) clan.

Now, the people ( i mean the Gods)over there need "processing power". The size and complexity of the data that they have is so large that the power that they need is enormous. So, they have man as "processing centres" to process their data and give them their outptut. It is a well known fact that humans dont use 100% of their brain power.. The Gods use these unused part of the processing power to process their data. (i think there will be a point in the future where data management gets so large that humans may in itself require such enormous processing power.). Now, since each department represents each religion, the people in each religion constitute processing centers for that particular religion and the Gods and angels in that particular religion make up different levels of employees..

Since Hindusim is one of the oldest religions known, i suspect that this department is one of the oldest too.. As new religions came in, it meant that new departments evolved and new employees were added into the organization..

Now, one of the questions that may arise from this theory is, where does evolution fit in? After all man did not appear magically from nowhere all of a sudden..

When computers were created initially, the amount of power consumption was quite large. As newer versions came in, the power consumption reduced and the performance increased, increasing its effeciency. The same can be applied here.. First there was a little need for the processing of data.. This gave rise to simple living cells.. As the needs became more complex and advanced,
complex organisms evolved. Initially, since the organization out there was quite unstructured, religion wasnt introduced.. i.e. classification of processing power was not there. i.e. more structured organization based on departments was not there.. The complex organisms that evolved were just used as and when the needs arose.. Different organisms had diffent processing powers and were used depending on the processing powers the "modules" needed.

Now, there were organisms that were highly ineffecient.. Take for example the dinosaurs.. They had a very large input... But their brain size was small and persumably, so was their processing power.. This did not work well for the ASsociation. Hence they were wiped out from the face of the earth and so were a lot of other creatures.. Man at present happens to be one of the more effecient form of processing creatures around..

This theory also explains the various forms that God happens to appear on earth.. When evil forces arise and threaten the destruction of mankind, it is said that God comes to the rescue and saves the people. The avatars that God takes can be thought of some sort of "Support person"that comes to our house to fix stuff. These avatars can be thought of members coming in from the association to protect their procesing centers from destruction.. After a while, it became clear that since the amount of processing centers on earth was too large, these avatars model was becoming ineffecient and impossible. Hence the concept of medicenes was introduced. Tho, after a certain age as the processing centers wear out and become inefficient, they are taken out of service.. i.e. they die.. Sometimes the soul of the procesing power can show effectiveness if reinstalled in a new processing center.. ( a new body). This would explain the concept of reincarnation that some believe in..

Finally, at the end, it is natural to expect that in the future, some living organism may prove to be far more effecient than man.
This would make sustaining man as infeasible. This would be the time when man is wiped out from the face of the earth and the new species starts ruling the earth. Now, the way man would be wiped out from earth is anybody's guess.. God could make man fight against each other and hence destroy ourselves completely... or.. He Himself could come down and do it..