Monday, January 07, 2008

Listen to Suryan fm online

Today i tried out the online version of suryan fm the local fm station for chennai and many other cities in tamil nadu. I have always wanted to listen to a good local tamil fm radio station over here in bangalore (where there aint any..). There are a lot of online radio stations on shoutcast and, but somehow i dont get the local flavor. They dont have proper RJs and also they dont put advertisements. Then i came to know about suryan fm online radio station. All you need is a login and password. And you are all set to listen to the chennai's version of suryan fm! I love it.. and i am addicted to it right now.

You can also listen to aaha fm online. You need to have an account at for that though. And even after creating an account there, i havent figured out how to listen to aaha fm yet. But hopefully, i will do it someday and then i can keep listening to tamil fm radio stations online.

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komalselva said...

Hear all leading (35+ stations) Tamil Fm Stations fron one site
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